Christian Learning Academy Art Classes
All of our students, Kindergarten thru 12th grades, attend Art Class each week as part of our commitment to a great education.

Many schools no longer teach Art, why does Christian Learning Academy continue to offer it?
Studies have shown that Art Classes help in the development of creativity, project development skills, hands-on abilities, a sense of pride and accomplishment, time management skills, new ways to focus and concentrate, attention to detail, improved hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and social skills.

Kindergarten students learn to color, draw and sketch, and they make crafts for holidays and other special events.

Instruction for 1st-12th grade students includes pencil, pen and ink, paint, charcoal and other medium. Students work on a variety of projects for school events, holidays and other special events and celebrations. They have helped create signs for area churches, off-campus fundraisers, and our sports teams.

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